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In Google Ads, there is an easy part and there is a difficult part.

The Easy Part is - Managing Keywords, Bidding & Campaign structure. It's easy thanks to automation, AI, optimization features of Google Ads and many 3rd party tools available.

The Difficult Part is - Keep coming up with newer, better & more winning ads periodically, for every segment of your audience. That is actually the crux of Google Ads.

And that's what we specialize in.

How Do We Work?

You share your ad groups (keywords and ads) with us and we will come up with better ads for you. You pay us only when our ads perform better than your old ads.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with PPC agencies, marketing agencies & PPC consultants. We help them with the ads part while they take care of the rest of the PPC campaigns.

We also work with small and medium sized businesses who run Google Ads campaigns on their own but appreciate some help with the ads part.

Also, we do offer full fledged PPC services where we manage your Google Ads campaigns on commission basis and not just your ads.

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And why exactly is coming up with winning ads the crux of Google Ads?

When everything else is automated for everyone, it all boils down to whose ads resonate more. Writing better ads is the only way to win those clicks and conversions consistently & profitably.

And since you get feedback so quickly, cheaply here - those who continuously test and improve their ads get exponentially rewarded and those who don't get exponentially punished.

The math is pretty simple - Better ads translates to better CTR, which give you higher Quality Score leading to lower Cost Per Click that brings down Conversion Cost and gets you Higher Ad Positions which ultimately leads to more Clicks, more Conversions, bigger Profit and the cycle goes on.

And to those who think writing Google ad is just a one time job - well, you are not only missing out on the gains that come by almost every week by continuous testing but you're also not thinking about new ads by competitors, new competitors, new segment of audiences, new keywords that keep appearing everyday.